Mobile Data

ADVANCE provides a ready-to-go SDK service for the client's integration, enabling clients to monitor each individual's behavioral data, social relations, and other related data. Using this SDK, clients will have access to anti-fraud related functions (i.e. preventing fraudulent applicants from bypassing the verification system, identifying repeat applicants using multiple devices to make loans, etc). Together with data from ADVANCE and the applicant's provided details, the mobile data will enable a more precise risk assessment for the loan.

Telco Data

Telecommunication Companies aggregate various types of their subscribers data, ranging from total call-time and SMSes sent/received to volume of data consumed. Both general statistics of the subscriber population and individual metrics allow Advance to generate and understand trends in the industry.

This data can be integrated with Advance's system to provide clients with several benefits. Better risk management analysis, fraudulent behavioural detection, and conduct of lead generation on new revenue models via dimensional data from Telcos are only a few services that Advance can provide for the client.