ADVANCE GUARDIAN offers unique anti-fraud solutions that diminishes risk for clients by arming them with an adaptable tool to deal with the persistently evolving problems that volatile fraudsters impose. ADVANCE GUARDIAN offers the fraud prevention solutions necessary to thrive in this volatile environment. With our distinctive machine learning models, coupled with experience in guiding industry giants, our experienced data scientists team will procure meticulously tailored analysis for each business.

Dimishes Risk

Adaptable Tools

Tailored Analysis

Distinctive Models


Inspired by top tier research publications, ADVANCE LAB has improved existing image recognitions systems optimized for local regions, which is highly competitive among industry. With an accuracy of 95% for local regions, this new image recognition system will curb identity-fraud and be the tool for faster business decisions.


Utilize Guardian's systemic Intelligence Profiling engine to ascertain and mitigate challenges. Reduce the amount of fraudulent users through early pinpointing of determining factors such as impersonation, account hijacking, and fraudulent alterations of personal data.

The proliferation of fraudulent users in all industries can greatly inhibit a business' potential for success. Fraudsters are incessantly coming up with novel technologies to bypass the system and disrupt a business.

GUARDIAN applies modern deep learning methods such as Bayesian Optimization and Orthogonal Sampling to traditional techniques of Kernel Ridge Regression and Interpretation of Logistic Regression Factors. This creates a powerful combination that precisely profiles users, identifies fraudulent activities and increase business efficiency.


Information in relation to the individual's background, income, and other factors are sampled in conjugation with the individual's local demographic statistics.


Once the raw data is processed, GUARDIAN will provide a tailored input to fill in lapses of information for full 360-degree visibility on all individuals. GUARDIAN's engine will then conduct Correlational Analysis on the consolidated data.


GUARDIAN's model applies an optimal blend of modern deep learning methods, traditional methods and ensemble methods to determine the individual's creditworthiness.


GUARDIAN's outputted information is interpreted using Linear Methods and Neighborhood Visualization. GUARDIAN monitors the decisions made by the business and feeds the information back for the engine's reinforcement learning, causing a learning-loop and further strengthening the accuracy of GUARDIAN.


Guardian's Identity Check feature provides users with the ability to determine if an individual or company is located in the database, reducing the risk of fraudulent applications.


Serving many Indonesia Internet financial institutions, Guardian has established a strong industry joint prevention and management system, which can effectively identify risk groups who apply for loans on multiple platforms.

Financial Institutions

Prevention and management System

Risk Groups


Mobile Data

ADVANCE provides a ready-to-go SDK service for the client's integration, enabling clients to monitor each individual's behavioral data, social relations, and other related data. Using this SDK, clients will have access to anti-fraud related functions (i.e. preventing fraudulent applicants from bypassing the verification system, identifying repeat applicants using multiple devices to make loans, etc). Together with data from ADVANCE and the applicant's provided details, the mobile data will enable a more precise risk assessment for the loan.

Telco Data

Telecommunication Companies aggregate various types of their subscribers data, ranging from total call-time and SMSes sent/received to volume of data consumed. Both general statistics of the subscriber population and individual metrics allow Advance to generate and understand trends in the industry.

This data can be integrated with Advance's system to provide clients with several benefits. Better risk management analysis, fraudulent behavioural detection, and conduct of lead generation on new revenue models via dimensional data from Telcos are only a few services that Advance can provide for the client.


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